Apex Oxygen has over 30 years combined of manufacturing experience in the defense and medical industries. We are using our resources and experience to bring you the very best product at the best price.

We are centrally located in Houston, Texas and source all parts used to repour/rebuild sieve beds are Made in the USA.

The process of repouring/rebuilding columns begins at the time your columns are received. We assign each order to a traveler and then begin dis-assembly of the columns down to the smallest of parts, the entire process of dis-assembly takes place under a vacuum to control dust with all air going through a .5-1 micron air filter while the technician wears a complete gown. All zeolite, filters and O-rings are disposed of for maximum safety. All parts are then moved to a cleaning station that is maintained at a Class 7 clean room and all parts are cleaned inside and out. Cleaned parts are then rebuilt with brand new US sourced Zeolite and O rings with each assembly built using CGMP. Once each column is built, batch testing is conducted and parts packed for shipping with a traceability sheet.

We utilize specialized tools for dis-assembly and reassembly of columns and can handle large orders. We accept freight shipments but do require lift for deliveries.

Mailing address
Physical address used for freight

15814 Champion Forest
Unit 150
Spring, TX 77379

16903 Red Oak Rd
Unit 160
Houston, TX 77090
Phone 469-858-2926